All rendering and artwork contained on this, and all pages within this site, are original works created using a variety of products including, but not limited to Adobe® Illustrator, Microsoft Visio®, and primarily, Bender. This page was created to demonstrate for clients  the broad range of design, fabrication, and illustration capabilities. Many of the illustrations and designs were created for use by clients or employers as part of actual projects or products in use today.

Blender is an open source, 3D content creation suite available for virtually all operating systems. Blender’s unique 3-D visualization capability allows our clients to visualize how their solution will appear  in place, or after completion during the design phase of their project. The value of seeing a  product or design in 3D enhances the client’s ability to visualize his or her project at completion.

To see Blender animation in work  click HERE...

Designed with Blender